Vada’s Rainbow Loom Case

I did it! It’s not even close to perfect, but I’m super proud of this thing. Anna was nice enough to ask me to test her Road Trip Case pattern. I got as far as picking out my fabric and cutting a few pieces before my entire family was bombarded by weeks-worth of illnesses. Stomach bugs, ear infections, head colds… Thankfully we seem to be past all of that stuff! Ugh. And Anna was sweet enough to send me the final pattern, even though I was no help to her at all. THANKS, ANNA :)

This was by far the most complicated thing I have ever sewn. For some reason, people are intimidated by the thought of making a quilt, but I’m telling you, quilts are easy! I’m always intimidated by projects like these because (besides quilts) I’ve probably only sewn three zippers, a drawstring bag and maybe two dresses in my life. This little Rainbow Loom case has quilting, elastic, pleats, a zipper, vinyl, buttons… GAH! But guess what, it wasn’t even hard. It was actually really fun to make. I got to use so many tools that I have that usually just sit around while I make quilts: different feet for my sewing machine, clover clips, fabric marking pens and pencils, etc.

The pattern was really straightforward and easy to follow, and the finished product turned out great! The most difficult parts for me were: picking out the fabric (I actually made the pocket part twice because I didn’t like the first fabric I used) and attaching the binding. It was just hard for me to get around those curves while keeping it looking pretty. I made the long pocket version for Vada to keep her Rainbow Loom stuff in, but the pattern offers another pocket variation that you could use for holding different art or sewing supplies.

I’m really happy I decided to make this because it’s given me the confidence to make OTHER things. Like maybe the Super Tote or the infamous Open Wide Zippered Pouch. Or maybe even some dresses for my girls! Something has clicked for me lately in the sewing department and I’m finally ready to break out of my comfort zone.



  1. I’ve made that exact zipper pouch pattern for a Christmas present and it wasn’t too hard. Actually, it was the first time I sewed a zipper. So don’t be afraid to give it a try!

  2. Stunning fabric combos! I love the rich navy floral with the pink diamond fabric right next to it. Fab! I am making four of these as we speak. Eek! May I ask? Where did you find that skinny rubberband case?

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